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What We Do

Strategy &

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What story do you want your customers to tell about your brand?

That’s a good place to start for your next creative concept.

Have you ever thought what your business sounds like?

Most likely one of the first experiences a potential customer will have of your hard work is aural, via word-of-mouth referral.

What is its primary story, the elevator pitch, the reason to engage?

When we digitise this experience we call it social media.

When it’s simplified and amplified we call it advertising.

The Promozoo team have over 20 years of continuous strategic marketing creativity across all media, with in-house video and audio studios on hand to bring your ideas to life.

TV, Radio,
Print, OOH,

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A business without advertising is like winking in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does...

Developing the creative concept comes first. Next we look at how to simplify that concept so it grabs the attention of the intended audience - and so the ad is born!

What should it look like? What should it sound like? Will it work across TV and radio? What about print, video, social, and outdoor?

What style should the ad take? Hard-sell or emotionally engaging? Clever copy or plain English? Or maybe a thought-provoking animation?

We create advertising across all media formats, and where a campaign allows, we test our ideas on independent focus groups.

Our ads have been nominated for, and won awards in various categories at annual marketing events over the years.

Media Planning
& Placement

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We are delighted to work with the team at Carat for large scale mass media campaigns.

This allows our clients to avail of Ireland’s highest level expertise in the media planning and buying market while not necessarily having the regular demand of some of the largest media spenders. This is a highly cost-effective relationship that allows modest budgets stretch far beyond the market norm.

Promozoo is a Google AdWords accredited agency. All digital campaigns are planned, executed and managed in-house.

We have created some very interesting local campaigns using a combination of local print, radio, OOH and geo-located digital campaigns. If your business is focused in a particular region, we have the expertise to optimise your return on media.

Live Stream,

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It is the video age!

So we have a dedicated team of directors, script writers, camera operators, animators, voice over artists, editors, post- production graphics and sound engineers.

In addition, our own video production studio here in our Dublin city centre office is used daily for audio and video recording.

Our team create stories for VoD (Video on Demand) and livestream consumption across all business use cases. From CEO communications, video content marketing and all forms of internal communications covering HR, e-learning, and team engagement.

It is not just the production but the creative ideas behind the production that our clients enjoy. Our specialist knowledge in corporate video communications has also led to some of our most creative work!

Website &

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Promozoo was founded in 2009 as a digital agency. Digital is in our DNA.

At Promozoo we don’t just sell you a Wordpress theme that’s used by thousands of other sites. We build you a website from scratch, unique to your brand and vision, and utilising the latest web technologies.

We have specialists in React web development, iOS/Android development, desktop applications, and also Progressive Web Apps - which are cutting-edge websites that work like iOS/Android apps but don’t need to be downloaded/installed from an app store. This means there’s less friction between the moment your customers get excited about your product/service and the moment they start using it.

PWAs are faster and more reliable than traditional websites when your user is experiencing slow network conditions, and have also been shown to result in much higher user engagement.

Trade Shows,
Point of Sale,
Print &

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Bringing your business to life with innovative trade show displays for B2B engagement is a big part of what we offer.

With experience working to briefs for venues such as the RDS and the ’Ploughing’, we can tailor a solution for you.

As part of our experience in display we design full POS solutions for our client’s retail footprint including window display pieces to catch the eye of the passer by.

And where there is a promotion, there is a promotional gift. From notebooks to umbrellas, t-shirts to teddy bears... you can find most things at a Promozoo near you!

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Media House, 24 South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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